Grassroots Organizing


Voter Contact

We do traditional community organizing to get your issue on the radar of key decision makers. We recruit volunteers and train them to lead a team, gather handwritten letters, generate constituent calls, build coalitions, and generate media attention.

We do the face-to-face kind, whether to persuade swing voters or to turn out supporters.  Boots on the ground, quick and scalable through our partner organization The Outreach Team.

Voter Registration

We can help expand the electorate to win a close race. Voter registration can be a highly effective way to bring more of your supporters to the polls. Check out The Outreach Team for more information. 

Signature Gathering

We can run a full-scale signature gathering effort through our partners, The Outreach Team. We can collect signatures to qualify a ballot initiative or advocacy campaign. Plus, in the process, we collect invaluable data like email addresses and phone numbers and can identify potential volunteers.

Quality Control

We can make sure your voter registration drives or petition drives meet quality standards. We can visually review your work or make confirmation calls to your lists to double check the work of your staff.

Staff Recruitment

Also called talent acquisition or headhunting. If you have an open position, we can help you find the perfect person to fill it by tapping into our network of thousands of political campaigners, organizers, and nonprofit superstars.

Face-to-Face Fundraising

We run canvasses to expand your small dollar donor list and increase your number of monthly givers, all with a friendly ROI. For more information on this, check out our fundraising shop, The Outreach Team.